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Our investment in prospective mobility

Individual mobility is changing rapidly worldwide. We are facing enormous challenges:

  • CO2-less engines without the need of fossil oil
  • Reduction of traffic
  • Renewable energy for mobility
  • Lowering of costs for infrastructure and mobility

Volantiss Spirit has spotted these challenges early on and developed a sustainable, wholesome solution for mobility. We focus on digitalized "mobility as a service".

We concentrate on four trends in the field of mobility:

  • Electrification
  • Digitalization
  • Networking
  • New models of property

Shareways does not only grant the advantage of modern vehicles but also shared door – to – door paths.

The Volantiss innovation project shareways offers wholesome mobility solutions for cities, agglomeration, companies and institutions alike.

shareways - the best driving Service ever.

Way-Sharing from Door-to-Door-to-Door ...

shareways is the first mobility-as-a-service sharing system with piloted e-vehicles worldwide. You

will get picked up at you door and transported to your desired destination. The service will be

shared with other members who are going in the same direction as you are. Therefore you only

pay for one seat and your route.

shareways is booked by smartphone-app. It is digitally connected and offers maximum traveling

comfort. Shareways cars will, as opposed to private cars, optimize their capacity which will reduce

traffic and traffic jams within cities while minimizing traveling expenses.

We close the gaps within the mobility chain.

shareways is the most advanced mobility-as-a-service, more efficient than any current service;

there are no parking spaces required, the cars run contaminant – free with renewable energy and

make comfortable daily commute possible for everyone. With shareways we close the gaps within

the mobility chain.

Volantiss also seeks out geo and road data with

shareways to have a solid base for routing the

fully digitized traveling services with autonomous

cars in the future.

This is Mobility 4.0

Fully integrated E-Mobility Modes for the 21st Century.

Our goal is to launch shareways worldwide in over 20 major cities and agglomerations as Swiss Innovation until 2028, to save over one million tons of CO2 and thus enhance air quality and to disburden roads and environment.

VOLANTISS SPIRIT invests in the concept design of innovative prospective solutions. For development, launch and implementation VOLANTISS wants to win over investors, partners and cities.

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